23 May 2009

The Book Zoo

For your shopping convenience, there is now another place to purchase Murder, Jaz, & Tel Aviv. It's at The Book Zoo, a lovely, funky, mostly-used-book store in Oakland, CA. http://www.bookzoo.net/

Eric kindly took three books in exchange for store credit. I like the idea. Just possibly I may try the barter system at the local supermarket if sales don't take off. Maybe someone will take a book in exchange for a few gallons of gas or a new pair of stilettos. You just never know until you try.
In case anyone is interested in a book exchange or a book reading or just about anything else that will further my struggling author career; I'm up for most anything.

02 May 2009

DIESEL Book Store

As of today, my book is now available at a real-live bookstore, and not just online. Granted, they only have three copies, but it is a start. Diesel Books is worth the trip for more than just my book. It is a way-cool, independent bookstore; the type that used to be easily found in the San Francisco Bay Area. I was so happy to find them even happier that they were willing to give Jaz a chance. I do so much prefer to spend my money at a real book place and not the mega-chain stores.

Drop by for a browse. (see their link in the right column)
(the picture is from an independent bookseller in Vietnam.)