15 March 2009


If there is such a thing as photo-heat-bipolarism; I have it. When the sun is out and it is warm, (preferably hot), I can Conquer the World, if not the known universe. When it is grey and dreary, I want to crawl in a cave and hibernate until it is over. Unfortunately, living in the San Francisco Bay Area means that I am in cave-mode a good part of the time. People tell me to try those sun lamps, or full spectrum lights, but they wouldn’t do any good. All I have to do is look out the window and it feels like the world is crashing in on me.

Having said that, last week was oh so spectacular! I was on a roll with the book stuff, popping in and out of stores and getting the tires aligned, smiling the entire time and stopping strangers on the street to say, Isn’t is a beautiful day! And then the weather turned and the good mood left.

I tell myself it is all in my head and that fog simply can’t make one blue, but it does no good. I have just figured out that even though it is even colder at night, life is a little more bearable because it is night and not supposed to be sunny. Hey, don’t ask me – it’s my whacko biology.

There are those who contend that I must have been born in the summer and in the tropics. Wrong on both counts. I’m a Thanksgiving baby hatched in the fog. Possibly in all my other lives I was an equatorial inhabitant. I stay alive by fantasizing about where I will go as soon as I have a few bucks saved up. I had been planning on Mexico or there about this summer. But that idea has probably just been shot to hell.

Friday I got a call from the head teacher who told me I was laid off, yet again, owing to a drop in student enrolment. This happened for three weeks in December, when I was also given one days notice. Ok, so the people I work for are incredibly unprofessional and under- qualified, but I do love the students and hell, I really do need the job, even if it is part time with no benefits. Well maybe now I will write to the BIG east-coast newspaper who owns the school and mention the irregularities at their plant. Like all the copyright infringement, and the lack of implementation of course curriculum. Then again, I plan to become a well-known author, so who gives a rats booty?

But even in the darkest hour a bit of brightness can light up my day. Someone, (and I have no idea who that someone is), left a comment on this blog saying they “loved” it. Now, if I had ever received a comment like that on my Vietnam blog, I would also have been thrilled, but I would have understood, ‘cause I do think I had some good tales about my times there. However, I still think this particular one is rather sucky and only started it because I was told I needed an Author’s Blog. Maybe I am getting the hang of it. Or maybe people will stop reading all together after this posting.

So, to whoever/whomever left me that lovely comment – THANKS!
And maybe, just maybe, the sun will come out tomorrow!

11 March 2009

First Book Reading Booked

Save this date: 14 June, 2009, 3pm. I have just been booked to do a reading at Afikomen, a Jewish book and gift store in Berkeley, CA. (see link in sidebar.)
This is so very exciting! Now all I have to do is to figure out what one is expected to do at a reading. I assume read. But what should I read? Anyone who has read the book and has a favorite section, please let me know.
The planets are definitely in alignment!

08 March 2009

Publicity Tour #1

Friday was my first day hitting the venues that I hope will lead to massive book sales.

Considering that my book takes place in Tel Aviv, I decided that the local temple, JCC, and Judaica shop would be first on my list of places to visit.

Armed with my press packs; book, press release, postcard adverts, all arranged neatly in a zip-lock bag; I drove to each of my stops. In every place I was greeted with congratulatory handshakes and questioned with great interest about my book and about my time in Israel. I was also given a quite a few new ideas on where to send and who to contact. I was buzzing off the walls with excitement for the rest of the day!

I will continue the press blitz next week and see how other, more mainstream, booksellers react. I kinda figure there has to be at least one person in every store that will be happy to get a free book, no matter what else. And if just one person reads it, and then passes it along to someone else, and then to yet another person...well, that just has to be good for getting the word out.

Barnes & Noble - you will soon be hearing from me.