26 February 2015

Happy Year of the Ram

The Year of the Ram is off to a good start. For reasons unknown to me, my books are selling. Not only my Kindle editions, but also paperback copies. It's not quite enough to pay the bills, but it's more than I've ever made in any previous month. The books are being bought in the US and the UK, so now I can really say that I am an internationally known author.

Tet 2011 HCMC
It's hard to really appreciate the Lunar New Year when you live outside of Asia, but if my sales keep increasing, I might just be celebrating the Year of the Monkey in Vietnam or Malaysia.

11 February 2015

Great Reads for the Commute

I hear my books are great for reading while traveling on trains, planes, boats and buses. With this in mind, I thought that maybe that is how I should promote my work. Instead of Mystery, Paranormal, or Literary Fiction,  I should simply list my books as "Commute Reading".

My latest, Bad Accounts, and my two Jaz mysteries, would be good choices for a  tedious ride. Easy, fast, funny, and if the bus bounces or the train screeches, you can easily climb right back into the story.

I'm not so sure that my paranormal romances would fall into the category of public reading. Or maybe it would be for some, but I personally would not feel comfortable reading hot and heavy romance scenes in public. Although one reader did report reading  Nha Trang Haunted while running on a treadmill in a war zone.

If anyone knows of place to list Great Commute Reads, please let me know.