19 February 2009

This Whole Marketing Thing

It’s been about two weeks since the Launch of my book, Murder, Jaz, & Tel Aviv, and its awesome book trailer. Since the time that I sent out the initial email to anyone and everyone I could think of, I have been on a quest to let the rest of the world know that my book is out there and available for the ordering. I have sent press releases to publishers, book clubs, newspapers and, of course, the heads of the Hollywood studios.

The word on the street is that my book reads like a movie and that it would make a great screenplay. I thought that the best way to get noticed would be to go to the top and send out the trailer and a brief note. So last week I set about finding the names and emails of all those important folks. The names were the easy part; the emails another story. I thought I was being really slick as I went about gathering email address. Probably spent 2 or 3 hours doing all this and gave a great sigh of relief when I hit the send button. The ‘blocked email’ notices started coming back immediately, although it was a whole 7 days before all the ‘permanent failure’ notices arrived. Oh well, it was a thought.

However, the good news is that the book trailer is turning up on all sorts of places that I didn’t even send it to, as well as some I did. My biggest thrill is when I happened to check back on Book Screening.
My little book appears RIGHT NEXT TO JOHN GRISHOM’S latest!
I figure this just has to be a sign of good things to come. I am hoping that Mr. Grisham’s good book karma will rub off on mine.

And then there is the whole Google thing; just a few weeks ago you could have goggled Murder, Jaz, & Tel Aviv, and come up with a blank. Now when you do it, you come up with a whole page! It is truly an amazing age when you realize that with just a few taps on the keyboard, anyone, anywhere in the world, can find out about your book. Now I am just hoping that they do that.

I must get back to tracking down those Hollywood types that are brainstorming new film ideas. I know they’d love Jaz.