15 March 2009


If there is such a thing as photo-heat-bipolarism; I have it. When the sun is out and it is warm, (preferably hot), I can Conquer the World, if not the known universe. When it is grey and dreary, I want to crawl in a cave and hibernate until it is over. Unfortunately, living in the San Francisco Bay Area means that I am in cave-mode a good part of the time. People tell me to try those sun lamps, or full spectrum lights, but they wouldn’t do any good. All I have to do is look out the window and it feels like the world is crashing in on me.

Having said that, last week was oh so spectacular! I was on a roll with the book stuff, popping in and out of stores and getting the tires aligned, smiling the entire time and stopping strangers on the street to say, Isn’t is a beautiful day! And then the weather turned and the good mood left.

I tell myself it is all in my head and that fog simply can’t make one blue, but it does no good. I have just figured out that even though it is even colder at night, life is a little more bearable because it is night and not supposed to be sunny. Hey, don’t ask me – it’s my whacko biology.

There are those who contend that I must have been born in the summer and in the tropics. Wrong on both counts. I’m a Thanksgiving baby hatched in the fog. Possibly in all my other lives I was an equatorial inhabitant. I stay alive by fantasizing about where I will go as soon as I have a few bucks saved up. I had been planning on Mexico or there about this summer. But that idea has probably just been shot to hell.

Friday I got a call from the head teacher who told me I was laid off, yet again, owing to a drop in student enrolment. This happened for three weeks in December, when I was also given one days notice. Ok, so the people I work for are incredibly unprofessional and under- qualified, but I do love the students and hell, I really do need the job, even if it is part time with no benefits. Well maybe now I will write to the BIG east-coast newspaper who owns the school and mention the irregularities at their plant. Like all the copyright infringement, and the lack of implementation of course curriculum. Then again, I plan to become a well-known author, so who gives a rats booty?

But even in the darkest hour a bit of brightness can light up my day. Someone, (and I have no idea who that someone is), left a comment on this blog saying they “loved” it. Now, if I had ever received a comment like that on my Vietnam blog, I would also have been thrilled, but I would have understood, ‘cause I do think I had some good tales about my times there. However, I still think this particular one is rather sucky and only started it because I was told I needed an Author’s Blog. Maybe I am getting the hang of it. Or maybe people will stop reading all together after this posting.

So, to whoever/whomever left me that lovely comment – THANKS!
And maybe, just maybe, the sun will come out tomorrow!