10 August 2009


I just cut my own hair. After the last two, budget-crap cuts, i figured i could do at least as well and save the aggravation of coming home and ruing the day i walked into that salon. I didn't do anything drastic with the scissors and, so far, (hair is still damp), so good.

Then yesterday i finally found a pair of jeans that actually fit and were spandex free. Added to that, they were Gap super-super-on-sale, so i was able to buy two pair. Now, the insane part is the sizing. I am the same size as I was 20 years ago, then I could cram myself into a size 6 pair of jeans most of the time. Yesterday, i was trying on size '2', which did not even exist 20 years ago. I ended up with the size 4's, which fit a little loosely, which i prefer.

What the heck is happening to the American Butt and the Sizing Commission? I am not all that small and there are plenty of women much smaller than me. What do they have to buy; size -3? Probably go to kids sizes.

My last project for better health and beauty was to get cracked by a Chiro. Since I now have coverage under my ludicrously expensive Kaiser med plan, it seemed wise to take advantage of it. However, no one I knew could give me a recommendation to one of the back crackers that were available through Kaiser. Through an assortment of measures, I finally picked one. And it was rather what i expected; assembly-line adjustments. No deep tissue work of any sort. The doc was gentle enough and I think he did a fair job, but it simply isn't worth going to this type of clinic simply because it is a low co-pay. When I left he suggested i come back in a few days even though there was nothing really wrong with me other than i needed a tune-up and that muscle work on various parts that I wasn't going to get there. Then he said I would defiantly need x-rays. No, I will not go back.

I must get back outside - we are having a rare heat wave and I want to drink up every minute.