11 November 2009

Puerto Vallarta on the Horizon

In less than a week I will be out of the cold and into the hot. I'm off to Mexico for a shorter trip than my norm, but longer than a vacation. Maybe a month; maybe longer.

I have way too many clothes ready to pack, as usual. I have never, and will never, get this packing stuff right. Mostly I think that I am so thrilled to be able to wear the clothes I have had packed for a year and a half, that I can't decide which is truly essential.

Now the problem is to find that ratty suitcase that I stored somewhere in the house. There aren't that many places that I could have stowed it, but it seems to be lost. I have a vague memory of giving/lending it to someone but have no idea who. I don't have that many friends so I should just call them all up. Otherwise, it is off to buy something tomorrow. I don't like traveling with new, pristine luggage. It screams 'rip me off'. And any thieves would be sorely disappointed at the choice of thrift store, used clothing that they would encounter.

Granted, I was none too pleased when something must have run over my new suitcase while I was on a trip inside Vietnam. It broke the handle, bent the frame, and left greasy tire marks on the side. I guess maybe I do need a new one.

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