03 September 2011

Mystery Books 5 Star Review

"For me, there isn’t anything much better than combining a mystery with exotic travel.  “Murder, Jaz and Tel Aviv” by Kate McVaugh offers a fascinating story of a young single woman from the United States living in Tel Aviv."

So starts the review by Lynn Farris of Mystery Books Examiner. She goes on to say,

"I strongly recommend this book. It is fast paced and full of romance and intrigue. I really enjoyed learning more about Tel Aviv and the culture there. Reading about the difficulty that one faces not knowing the language or the culture and trying to survive is always fascinating. The book would have been wonderful even without the intriguing mystery. I am hoping that Jaz reappears in a series as she is a compelling character."

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Thank you Lynn for the wonderful review!

Murder, Jaz, & Tel Aviv  is available from Amazon on Kindle  for $.99.