14 July 2014

Eagle Creek Travel Gear

     I believe it was in 1994 that I purchased my  Eagle Creek Travel Wallet. Or maybe it was as late as 2000 - but surely not past then.  It is the only wallet I used while living and working in Israel, Egypt, Malaysia, and Vietnam. It traveled with me to Mexico and is the only wallet I use when in California.
     Even with all the travels and years of banging around inside my purse, it still looks reasonably new. And up until a few months ago, all the zippers and clasps worked perfectly. And then the main zipper of the billfold wouldn't stay closed.
     I tried all my fix-it tricks for zippers; nothing worked. Being rather handy with a sewing machine, I figured I could probably replace it, even if it would be a less than perfect job. Then I came up with the bright idea of simply replacing the entire wallet with a new one. After all, I had gotten my money’s worth out of it.
     I looked up their website and was disappointed to see that the 20 year old model I had was no longer available. I scoured over the specs on all the latest editions and didn't like any of them, mostly because of the fabric used but also because they just didn't seem as functional as the one I had.
     Then I remembered the “Lifetime Guarantee”. I honestly did not expect it to cover something purchased fifteen or twenty years ago, and I was correct. It covers the expected lifetime of the item, not the owner’s lifetime. Still, Eagle Creek was right here in California, they had the industrial sewing machines and the folks who knew how to use them. Try to do it myself, or send if off and pay for a repair? I chose the latter.
     Before mailing it off, I called their service center to find out if they would in fact repair my vintage wallet. The lovely rep told me to send it in and if they couldn't fix it, it would be sent back. She wasn’t sure if I would be charged.
     About two weeks after mailing my wallet to the repair facility in Carlsbad, California, I got it back with a beautiful new zipper, perfectly stitched into place. And they didn't even charge me!
     Maybe it will last me another decade – maybe Eagle Creek will produce the same style again and I’ll buy a new one. For now, I am thrilled that I was able to head back down to Puerto Vallarta knowing that my Pesos would not be flying out of my wallet.
     You just don’t get this type of quality and service anymore. As a seasoned traveler, it certainly is good to know that Eagle Creek is around and that their products are 100% reliable. 
     A huge Thank You to Eagle Creek!