20 December 2016

Broadsided in Bali

Broadsided in Bali  has just launched. It is available in paperback on Amazon
The Kindle edition will be out before the end of the year and I will be running a giveaway soon.

From the back of the book:

The Island of Bali – it’s everything Raquel and Magdalen could ever dream of in a holiday destination. What could be better than the quaint town of Ubud with its beautiful weather, exquisite artwork, and local charm? Necessities like cutting back on makeup – which tends to melt in the tropics, and ditching heels for trekking sandals, are all part of the journey. After all, having nearly reached retirement age the women can adapt to almost any situation. Forgoing black eyeliner and donning unattractive shoes are minor sacrifices. They don’t even mind that the yoga retreat they booked is strictly vegetarian. At least at the Lotus Yoga Resort & Spa, they aren’t required to participate in Sun Salutations at the crack of dawn; an hour which would be much better spent sipping coffee at a sidewalk café.

But after a full day at the resort, the owner still hasn’t appeared and no one seems to know what has happened. Money problems? Clandestine liaison gone afoul? As much as the friends would like to ignore the situation and get on with shopping and sightseeing, it soon becomes evident that more is awry than simply an absentee proprietress. Like what’s up with the other employees and their odd behavior? Could one of them have done away with the owner? And then there’s that fine-looking scientist who is definitely hiding something. Otherwise, why would he constantly be sneaking in and out of the resort and avoiding conversations?

Magdalen and Raquel set out to investigate the puzzling events at the resort and are soon aided by other concerned guests, including a couple of aging hippies. Together, they hope to find out what has become of the owner without offending the locals or breaking any laws. The last thing any of them wants is to be tagged as a rude tourist. Or worse, land in a foreign jail.

If the ladies could just get everything straightened out, they might have enough time to work on their tans as well as stock up on local artwork before heading back to Los Angeles.