10 June 2017

Success at the Fair

One day I really will get a decent picture of Kate the Author
My first outing at a book fair went quite well. I got there in one piece, was able to set up all by myself, and sold a few books. The weather was great, I enjoyed myself, but I did miss walking around and seeing all that was on offer.

The Avenue of Author's was home to a whole block of independent authors; all really great people. I was able to make a quick run done the lane and introduce myself to my fellow clansmen. I only really got to know the people right around me.

Next to me was Kristine Balog , author of Caravaggio; of Oil and Blood. I had looked briefly at her website before the event but didn't read any details about her book. I could probably pick out a Caravaggio painting from a lineup, but that is about the extent of my knowledge of the artist. It wasn't until I started listening in on Kristine's conversations with fair-goers that I became completely enthralled with her story. Connections to the Pope, The Knights of Malta, intrigue and history. It turns out the author is not only an artist herself, but a professor of art history who has been round the world researching the topic. I can't wait to sit down and start on her book!

I also met Sherri Leigh James , author of Girl with a Past -- quite apropos for our setting since her mystery takes place in Berkeley, CA. (Set in the present with ties to Berkeley's hippie heydays of the 60's.) Another book I need to read.

And although I did not run into that elusive Hollywood agent that was going to buy the rights to one of my books, I still have not lost hope. I may just hit the streets again with my own mini-book festival. I had to register for a 90 temporary sellers permit with the state, so why not use it to my advantage?

It always feels great to meet fellow authors who spend their free time pounding out stories for the love of it and in the hopes that they might also be discovered.
I just know that someone on the Avenue of Author's will make the big time!