19 April 2015

I Have Made the Leap to kindle

I now own a kindle. I've already read one book and started two others.
My resistance in purchasing one is a result of several factors. Firstly, I have sensitive eyes that do not like things such as florescent lighting. I was scared that reading on a kindle would bother me. And it did for the first two days when my eyes felt all wonky and I got massive headaches. Then I looked online to see if others had had the same problem. A few suggestions, like closing my eyes on page turns to not catch the flash, and waiting it out until my eyes adjusted to the new format, did the trick.

I also could not see how reading on a kindle would ever even approach the feeling of holding a book. After checking with everyone I knew who had a kindle, and stopping people at cafés to get their opinion, I surmised that it just might be ok. And after reading on it for a few days, I think all will be right.

The cost was the last barrier, so I waited for the tax return, then waited for the kindle sale, then hit buy.

There is also the fact that many books, including several of my own, are only available in e format. I have tried to read books on my laptop but anything more than a short story is very uncomfortable. If I expect others to read my works as an ebook, I could at least do the same.

I am already starting to see the advantages. As I said, I do not tolerate florescent lighting. Entering a library or bookstore is a sort of hell for me. I might survive without a migraine, but not without disorientation and other problems. I miss spending time in a library, scouring the bookshelves for things to read and learn about. But since I haven't really been able to do that since the last time a public library had incandescent lighting, it's only a distant memory. Eventually, all the fluorescents will be replaced with LED lights, and I will again be able to peruse library shelves. Realistically, that may not happen in my lifetime, so kindle reading it is.