26 May 2015

The Joy of Reading Indie Authors

  Now that I have a kindle, I'm having the best time finding and reading other independent authors.
     Once or twice a week I peruse the kindle lists of top 100 free books. I search through mystery, thriller, sci fi, literature, and anything else that might catch my fancy that day. I've found one amazing book and several very good books. I've also downloaded several that weren't so wonderful, but still gave them a try.
     If I like the book, I rate/review it on Goodreads and, if I remember, on Amazon. If I don't like it, I don't do anything. (I'll leave that to others.)
     I will be sure to at least start every free book I download and finish it if it appeals to me. And I will promise to rate it and at least write a few words about any book I finish.
     I'm sure there are books out there by known authors, published by someone other than themselves, that I would really enjoy. But for now, I'm doing my part to support my fellow independent writers who need readers and reviews to get their writing careers off to a blazing start. After all, if I'm expecting people to take a chance with my writing, I should at least return the favor.
     Any independent author's who may be running some promo days and want me to read your book, let me know. I can assure you I'll look at it.